Children’s Counseling

Children’s counseling is a service that we have made a priority at Wellness Counseling Center.  It’s estimated that one in five children suffer from mental health issues.  When these are addressed near the onset of symptoms, coping skills are easier to implement than after years of difficulty.  We use play therapy as an evidence-based technique that is accessible and non-threatening for children.  Play therapy helps children process their experiences and explore cognitive, emotional, and behavioral solutions.  Watch this fun, short video about play therapy to learn more about play therapy.



To learn more about children’s counseling and play therapy at Wellness Counseling Center read What is Play Therapy.

Children’s counseling includes time with the child and with the parent.  Depending on the issues, goals, age, and needs of the family, time may be spent with parents and children together in session.  If you have questions about how children’s counseling would benefit your child, call today. 208.830.8247 for a free phone consultation.


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